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Visit Poussin Place in Queensbury, NW London near the tube station. I love stumbling across unique places like this that are off the beaten track and that you’ll only hear about from those in the know…. on first glance it looks like a chippie, in fact it is a chippie… but with a difference…

Inspired by the famous Gatundu’s in Nairobi (just ask anyone and they’ll tell you), Poussin Place is one of a few places that serve up Kenyan-Indian food and does it well and with a whole lot of love. Whilst you get all the standard chippie fare… I want to share with you the real treat…. the chips in the poussin sauce or Poussin Chips as they’re known. Though fiery hot… each chip makes you want to eat more… even though you are on fire… and the only thing that can save you is the special Vimto drink…

Each item you order is prepared fresh. Nothing is pre-prepared here and they pride themselves on the quality of the food. If this means you have to wait a little longer to get your order… then you have to wait… as they say.. patience is a virtue and quality takes time. But trust me… its worth the wait if you ever have to wait…

My personal favourites are their shredded poussin chicken in a fresh naan… devilishly hot and moreish…. which for me beats Nando’s any day… in fact I have given up Nando’s so I can eat here instead!

I also recommend trying their egg chapati and the paneer chapati… actually… its all good!

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Our Reviews

Freshly cooked and excellent value for, friendly owners.

Silpesh Shah

Food is unbeatable nothing to compare with. Worth a 30 mile drive. Staff are amazing and the poussin chips are the greatest. Must try.

Gediminas Burdinas

Something different. Helpful staff.

Steve Heatley

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Monday 12pm to 11pm

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Kitchen closes 30 minutes before closing time

41, Queensbury Station parade Queensbury, Edgware. HA8 5NN

+44 (0)20 8952 6660 

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