Visit Poussin Place in Queensbury, NW London near the tube station. I love stumbling across unique places like this that are off the beaten track and that you’ll only hear about from those in the know…. on first glance it looks like a chippie, in fact it is a chippie… but with a difference....

Inspired by the famous Gatundu’s in Nairobi (just ask anyone and they’ll tell you), Poussin Place is one of a few places that serve up Kenyan-Indian food and does it well and with a whole lot of love. Whilst you get all the standard chippie fare.


Falafel Wrap


Egg Chapatti


Exotica Masala Paneer


Chilli Garlic Mushroom



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41, Queensbury Station parade Queensbury, Edgware. HA8 5NN

Monday - 12pm to 9pm

Wednesday Closed

Tuesday - 12pm to 9pm

Thursday   12pm to 9pm


Friday - 12pm to 10pm

Saturday - 12pm to 10pm

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Sunday - 12pm to 10pm

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Kitchen Closes 30 minutes before closing time

+44 (0)20 8952 6660